Twitter reacts to “Racist” Outsurance advert

June 19, 2017 Comments

Twitter users have attacked insurance company, Outsurance, for their “Racist” fathers day ad. (Image source: Snupit)

Outsurance, a leading South African insurance company, have found themselves in hot water after a fathers day social media advertisement was received as “Anti-black” and “Racist” by social media users across the country.

The advert, which appeared on Sunday with the caption “Happy #FathersDay to all amazing dads out there,” was met with scathing criticism as many said it did not reflect the demographics of South Africa as it mainly showed white males as being good fathers.

The company has retracted the ad and apologised for the incident, stating that an unintentional oversight by a junior employee was the reason behind the “demographically inappropriate” advert. This however has not stopped the backlash from angry South Africans on twitter.

Here are some of the reactions to the Outsurance social media advert:

Outsurance proving why diversity is needed, every office needs a darkie to say “Charlie, I don’t think that’s a good idea”

— Mayihlome (@MTshwete) June 19, 2017

I see @OUTsurance has deleted its controversial advert. Where is the explanation?

— Yusuf Abramjee (@Abramjee) June 18, 2017

Told you’ll a long time ago about @OUTsurance. This is how they see you!!! This is the only way they see us!

— Andile Ncube (@AndileNcube) June 18, 2017

Outsurance aside, advertising in insurance industry wholly problematic. White faces sell life insurance, black faces sell funeral policies

— Ryan Cummings (@Pol_Sec_Analyst) June 18, 2017

Time has come for blacks to speak with their money!Hurt these businesses where it hurts the most.Do not give them your money! #Outsurance

— BlackBallPen (@dinanodamano) June 18, 2017

Dear black twitter here are some of the black owned insurance companies you can switch to.#outsurance

— Mmina Kolobe (@VictorNoko) June 18, 2017

#Outsurance I think South Africans need to show solidarity & isolate these racist businesses in corporate SA 1 by 1 starting with Outsurance

— NAJEE NGWATO (@NA_J_EE) June 19, 2017

Hi RACIST company @OUTsurance wish u a bad day ahead. you FORGOT that SA has 80% black ppl? or blacks are good only 4their money #outsurance

— Kgabo wa Afrika (@KgaboWaAfrika) June 19, 2017

What’s wrong with this picture! #transformation has to happen at a creative level not just ownership. #outsurance

— Bongani Chinkanda (@bonchiachanza) June 19, 2017

Black South Africans need to intensify black economic solidarity, including the in insurance space. We can humble the racist @OUTsurance.

— Floyd Shivambu (@FloydShivambu) June 19, 2017

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